Feeling Good Immediately With Exercise!

 Even easy exercise can:

 1.  Make you feel better

2.  Give you more energy

3.  Improve your attitude 

4.  Help you sleep better

5.  Improve your thinking ability

6. AND best of all…..give you a sense of accomplishment

How can you get started????

Start immediately – drop what you’re doing and do 1 simple and quick exercise from the following options:

1. Push on your chin to move your head from left to right then push your chin up and down.  Using the hands allows your neck muscles to relax as you exercise.

2. Stand up and march in place (count 50 steps)

3. Sit or stand tall and take in 3 deep breaths

4. Lift your arms straight out at your side to shoulder height and make tiny circle forward then backward 5 times each way

5. Stand and raise up and down on your toes 10 times

6. See if you can balance on one foot for a full minute.

7. Raise your arms straight up and reach up as far as you can – hold for the count of 10

8. Sitting up straight – bend over at the waist and touch the floor breathing out and raise back up breathing in.  Repeat 5 times.

9. Climb one flight of stairs

10. Take a short walk once around the room


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